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Flooring Solutions Comparison

Flooring Solutions Comparison

From laminate and vinyl flooring to carpeting and tiling, there is a wide range of flooring solutions. Understanding each of the materials allows you to make informed choices about using them in different locations. This article compares the different flooring materials.

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring

Below are the differences between these two:

  • Cost: Generally, installing hardwood floors is more costly than installing carpets. The former will cost you around $5 to $8, while the latter will cost you $ 2 to $4 per square foot if your flooring renovation is in Utah.
  • Resale Value: Homes with hardwood flooring have a better resale value than those with carpet flooring. Furthermore, hardwood floors are often a top request for renters and buyers.
  • Maintenance: Compared to carpet, cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is easier. You can sweep or damp mop your hardwood floor to eliminate dust and stains, among other debris. The same doesn’t apply to carpet floors, as the fibers trap dust and dirt over time.
  • Durability: Hardwood floors are more durable than carpet floors. This is because they are durable materials lasting up to 100 years under proper maintenance. On the other hand, a carpet’s lifespan depends on the material’s quality.

Laminate vs Tile Flooring

Here are the differences between these two materials:

  • Installation: If you choose to go the DIY way, you may find installing tile flooring complicated as it requires specialized tools and excellent skills. Laminate installation, on the other hand, is an easy project for homeowners to take on.
  • Durability: While both materials are excellent choices for areas with high traffic because of their durability, tiling is more durable. This can be attributed to the material’s impermeability. On the other hand, laminate flooring is prone to moisture damage and, therefore, a less durable choice.
  • Maintenance: Both choices are low-maintenance. Laminate floors require no sealing or waxing. Both laminate and tile flooring should be regularly swept and damp mopped. However, tiles require extra care as the grout requires annual scrubbing and resealing.


Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can opt for any of the above flooring solutions. The good news? There is always something for every little room in your home.

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