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Does Finishing the Basement Increase Home Value?

Does Finishing the Basement Increase Home Value?

If you’re considering turning your unfinished basement into usable living space, then you may be wondering – is this a solid investment of time and money? Will adding square footage to create a bonus room, game room, or extra bedroom increase the value of your home? As it turns out, finished basements can add significant value to your property – if done correctly. This post will examine all the factors at play when remodeling a basement and how to maximize that added home value. 

The Benefits of Finishing a Basement

Finishing your basement isn’t just a wise financial decision – it’s an investment that pays off in more ways than one! Average homeowners can expect to get back up to 70% of their costs after selling the property, plus add 20% value. And not only will having a finished basement gives you extra living space for entertaining guests, but it also makes working from home much more fun and comfortable, with the option of converting it into a dedicated office or private place for older kids/teenagers. Don’t miss out on exploring all the possibilities this great addition offers – invest now to have something better later!

How to Maximize the Return on Investment

When you’re sprucing up your basement, it’s important to remember that not all finishes will pay off equally when the time comes to sell. An upgrade with a bedroom and bathroom may be nice but will only increase the resale value as much as one equipped with an extra living area, kitchenette, or wet bar. Potential buyers also prefer basements that appear spacious and comfortable rather than cramped & dark – so making sure they match the overall aesthetic of your home is vital!

Factors to Consider Before Finishing a Basement

Before a basement renovation, homeowners must weigh all the factors influencing cost and value! Of course, the size of the space plus materials used would impact how much you pay out – but remember the condition. Basements with water damage or mold will require extra work before becoming livable again, which could be costly down the line. On top of this, add in local real estate market conditions; some areas may see a lower increase in home value from such projects than others. So make sure you open your eyes when getting ready to renovate your basement!


Basement Finishing added value: Finishing a basement can significantly increase the value of a home. However, homeowners should consider the cost, design, and local market before starting the project. With proper planning and execution, finishing a basement can be an excellent investment. If you are considering remodeling your basement, give us a call. Pro Utah Remodeling has experience in helping homeowners finish their basements. We would be happy to help you plan and execute your project from start to finish.

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  • Sam Andrews
    March 24, 2023, 12:33 am REPLY

    The fact that finishing our basement may enhance our residence’s overall market valuation sounds tempting to me. Very well then. I’ll find a contractor to come up with a solid project plan very soon. I’m thinking of transforming my basement into a game room for my family and friends.

  • Mia Evans
    February 21, 2024, 5:33 pm REPLY

    I appreciate it when you said that we need to weight all the factors regarding the cost and value of the residential bathroom remodel project. We can probably do our own research and ask various contractors to learn about those things. It would be great if we could compare estimates or quotations to also have an idea if we can find ones that we can afford this coming spring.

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