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Welcome to Pro Utah Remodeling, where we take pride in beautifying homes in American Fork. Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal or transform your outdoor space, our team specializes in Exterior Painting in American Fork, revamping your home’s exterior to reflect your distinct taste and personality.

Are you dreaming of a vibrant new exterior or need guidance on the ideal color scheme? Our experienced team is here to turn your dream into reality.

Are You Experiencing These Common Exterior Paint Problems?

  • Alligatoring: This term refers to a pattern that resembles alligator skin where the paint forms a cracked pattern. It’s usually due to the application of an extremely hard or rigid coating, like oil-based paint, over a more flexible layer.
  • Efflorescence: This is the formation of salt deposits on the surface, usually white, powdery, and often seen on masonry surfaces. It occurs when moisture moves through masonry and carries salt to the surface.
  • Rusting: On metal surfaces, improper surface preparation or the use of non-rust-resistant paint can lead to rust.
  • Tannin Staining: This is common with certain types of wood, like cedar, where natural tannins in the wood can bleed through the paint, causing discoloration.
  • Cracking and Flaking: Over time, paint can lose its elasticity and begin to crack and flake off the surface. This is often due to age or external stressors like temperature changes and moisture.

Our team is acclaimed for its meticulous attention to detail like the ones above, transforming ordinary houses into visually impressive homes. We are dedicated to exceptional service and client satisfaction, setting new standards for Exterior Painting in American Fork.

Benefits of Our Expert Exterior Painting Services:

Unmatched Expertise and Services:

  • Superior Quality Workmanship
  • Deep Understanding of Materials and Techniques
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Home
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Methods
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Finishes

American Fork-UT's Premier Exterior Painting Service

Exterior painting is an art that combines technique, creativity, and insight. Our method transforms your home into an exhibit of color and style.

For top-tier Exterior Painting in American Fork services, get in touch with us for a complimentary estimate. We are dedicated to making your home a stunning representation of your preferences and style.

Is Our Service Suitable for You?

Our services is ideal for:

  • Homeowners aiming to boost their property’s visual appeal.
  • Those who value detailed and thorough craftsmanship.
  • Clients seeking high-quality painting solutions at affordable prices.
  • Homeowners who prefer an efficient, organized painting process.

Not Ideal for:

  • Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts who prefer to paint on their own.
  • Those who favor rapid, less comprehensive work.
  • Individuals seeking basic painting services at lower costs.

Why Opt for Our Exterior Painting Services

  • Vast Experience with a Focus on Client Satisfaction
  • Transparent and Clear Pricing
  • Uncompromising Quality and Precision in Every Task
  • Commitment to Delivering Exceptional Value in Projects
  • Strict Budget Control and Efficient Cost Management
  • Timely Completion of Projects within Budget
  • A Drive to Exceed Client Expectations


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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide color consultation services?

Answer: Yes, we offer professional color consultation to help you choose the perfect colors that suit your style and enhance your home’s curb appeal.


How do you prepare the surface before painting?

Answer: Proper surface preparation is key to a lasting paint job. We clean the surface to remove dirt and mildew, scrape off any loose or peeling paint, and make necessary repairs to the surface before painting.


Are your painting methods environmentally friendly?

Answer: Yes, we use eco-friendly paints and employ sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.


How much does exterior painting cost?

Answer: The cost varies depending on the size of your home, the type of paint used, and the complexity of the job. We provide a detailed estimate after assessing your specific needs.


"Vinny and his team did a great job. Estimated my Kitchen on a Wednesday and had it finished within the timeline he provided, which was before my family arrived for the holidays! Highly recommend it. Honest and extremely fair pricing." - Thiago L
"I could not be happier with how my basement turned out, these guys were absolutely amazing to work with and were able to fulfill the vision I had. Even with the struggle of supply shortages we are facing now, they pushed through that obstacle and got the job we needed done! I highly highly recommend it and would use them again!!”
- Van_Vantage_Point
"Excellent service, friendly, and reasonably priced." - Tiago Camargo
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