Pro Utah Remodeling and Basement Finishing Serve Customers Along Utah County ranging from Salt Lake County to South of Utah County, including Highland and its surrounds.


Have you always wanted a home theater? How about a family room, or perhaps a game room? We can create all of these things and more by transforming your unfinished basement.

No matter what your budget or inspiration, don’t make life difficult for yourself, we can create your dream basement! Local business-owned and operated, Pro Utah Remodeling design specialists will work with you to transform your unfinished basement.


Also called Basement Remodeling, Basement Finishing is a service people hire to create a new space at home. We have the power to redesign your space in a way you could never imagine!

If you are in Highland-UT and need Basement Finishing/Basement Remodeling Services, You must contact Pro Utah Remodeling! We can give you a free quote!


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  • "I could not be happier with how my basement turned out, these guys were absolutely amazing to work with and were able to fulfill the vision I had. Even with the struggle of supply shortages we are facing now, they pushed through that obstacle and got the job we needed done! I highly highly recommend and would use them again!!"

  • ""Vinny and his crew were professional and always responsive! From the beginning they were in constant communication and we were never left wondering about the progress of our basement project. Even in these days of post-covid supply issues we never experienced any unrealistic wait times or problems. They were even willing to give us insight on other projects on our home that we were considering. I recommend these guys for whatever project you may have around your house"."

  • "Not enough great things that can be said about these guys. The bid was fair, they stayed within budget, communicated very well and were prompt with touch-ups! Some things pushed our completion date back but they were completely out of their control, and they always made up for the time. I would absolutely recommend them for any basement finishing or remodeling needs. We have referred them to close friends of ours because of the job they did for us. 10/10"

    KELLY V.


We have more than years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a basement finishing contractor in Highland – UT, you found us! Call or message us for a free consultation visit!


Not sure if your budget can help you do your project? Use our free calculation tool and get a ballpark for your basement finishing or remodeling project!


Popular Questions


How long does it take to finish a basement?

While each basement finishing can present challenges that impact the project’s time frame, we notice an average of 8 to 12 weeks to have your basement finished. City permits, supply chain, and customization are the main time-consuming factors when accomplishing a project.


How much does it cost to finish a basement?

We base the Basement finishing costs on the size of the basement and finishing selections. While (as of 2022) basic basement finishings can range from $45-$55 per square foot, high-end basement finishing can go higher than $100 per square foot. A basic basement usually consists of:

  • An LVP on the bathroom floor;
  • One or two tones of paint;
  • A fiberglass insert for the shower;
  • A small vanity;
  • A low or mid-end carpet throughout;

Standard upgrades and picks that can increase price are tiles, can or recessed light, and extra tones for painting.

You can use our Calculator tool to get a ballpark on your basement project’s cost.


How to know if my basement contractor is installing good-quality items?

To assure our clients they are provided with quality items, we declare allowance on every item that can cause miss communication during the project. For anything with different options on the market, we declare a maximum allowance for that product, giving freedom for the client to pick from a range of options within the price range established in the contract.


How do I make payments for my remodeling or basement finishing project?

Usually, payments are made via check, and if the contract contains the payment plan, being the most common, a 40-50% down payment covers about half of the project. Once we accomplish half of the project, the second check will cover about 25-35%, then on mileage 75%; we get a third check of about 20%, leaving about 5% of the remodeling project amount to be paid after we complete the project.

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